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What exam do I need?

I have just started the 2330

If you are doing day release or during the evening, then you should download the free 201 exam first then look at the 202 as the second exam you need to take.

If you are studying full time then look at the 201 exam first then look at the 202 as the second exam, usually taken in the first half of the course. After that, you will be looking at the 203 and finally the 205.

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I am a current electrician

You would benefit from completing the 2382, 17th Edition exam. Depending on your experience with inspection and testing, then you may also benefit from doing the 2392 course, which is an introduction to testing and is a lot easier than the 2391.

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I work in a related electrical industry

You would benefit from completing the 2382, 17th Edition exam. This exam is designed to give you a working knowledge of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671) to ensure you comply with the relevant electrical legislation.

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I am finishing my 2330 level 2 this year, what should I be doing?

The last exam for the 2330 is the 205 (although some colleges may not have completed the 203 exam yet). You then have a choice to continue the Level 3 2330 and take the 301 exam or you can use recognition of prior learning and move onto the 2357.

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I have started the 2330 but I am only just moving into my second year

Then you need to look at the the 203 and the 205 for the second year course. After this, you may need to refer to the new qualification, the 2357, to complete your technical certificate although at this point the C&G2330 has been extended allowing you to move onto the Level 3.

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I have started the 2330 and I have completed the level 2

You should start studying the Level 3 science and and inspection, testing and fault finding.  The hardest exam of the 2330 is 301 exam that catches many students out.

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I have started the 2357

Then you need to look at the the 2357-301 for the first exam to complete. Following this are the more difficult 2357-305 and the 2357-309 exams.

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I am studying to be a domestic installer

Then you need the Part P questions. The CD contains over 350 questions covering every aspect and more of the different Domestic Installer programs available.

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I want to work in the UK as an electrician

One of the minimum expected requirements to work in this country if you are an overseas electrician is the C&G2382 17th Edition. You can validate your current qualifications through a company called NARIC (the service is chargeable).

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What exam?

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