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Terms and Conditions

Basic terms and conditions:

1. Single user license only, one purchase, one computer. You cannot install this one more than one computer.

2. Internet access is required to activate the product, please ensure firewalls allow access.

3. License purchases through this site cannot be used in colleges, contact us before purchase.

4. The exam is intended for use as part of a solid revision plan, it should not be used as a replacement for good tuition and/or individual study. We will not be personally culpable for non achievement.

5. The software and contents are in no way endorsed by the City and Guilds, all material is written by ourselves and is designed to cover the items you may be expected to study whilst completing your course. The C&G2330 syllabus is available from their website and we recommend you use this as a guide to what you should be studying.

Legal and expanded terms and conditions

1. Unless otherwise stated, all material remains the intellectual copyright of the author. Copying, plagiarising, unlawful distribution and infringement of any other copyright act will result in legal action. Please respect the work of the author, nothing on sale here is expensive and everything is created by individuals like yourself. As well as running this small sideline business, we are also electricians who do look at the major forums regularly and have contact with many training organisations and colleges across the country and will seek damages should we find abuse of our hard work. Please don't let me see this software on Ebay or Screwfix or Sparky Resurrection or IET etc.

2. Software is sold on a single user, single computer license use only. Should we find an abuse of this we will seek full legal recourse. Every attempt to run the software is authenticated via our servers, we can tell if you have activated and run the software.


4. If you wish for the product to be used on more than one machine, you will have to purchase an additional license for each additional machine.

5. The license purchase through this website does not cover use with a college, this includes training agents, private training companies or any other group including individuals, companies, agencies or indeed any body I have yet to mention. You will find that you are more than likely to activate the software if you purchase an end user version.

6. The license does also not cover installation of the software on a public machine. This includes internet cafes and libraries. The installation on these is strictly prohibited.

7. Please ensure you have a PayPal account or a Google Account and a credit or debit card before you attempt to purchase

8. Also ensure that you have internet access on the machine you want to install the software on before purchase.

9. The software may NOT be reverse engineered in any way shape or form by any current or future technologies.

10. The software is licensed to Electrical Quals by Exam Software and is also subject to their terms and conditions.

11. Any screenshots used as part of this site are intended for advertising and example of software content only. Contents of each CD can vary depending on exam type, level and even awarding bodies.

12. The license cannot be transferred once the product has been purchased. An internet connection is required to activate the product, please ensure you have access to the internet before you purchase as only faulty goods can be refunded.

13. Refunds and exchanges will only be given if the product is proved faulty by ourselves and is returned within 7 days of dispatch. Continued use after this is considered acceptance that the CD is fully functional. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

14. Postage and packaging costs are covered in the UK only, those wishing to purchase outside the UK should contact us first to discuss postage options. Please allow 3 working days for dispatch of the product within the UK.

15. The website or any part of the website may not be reproduced, duplicated copied or sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without the express permission of Electrical Quals. The design and layout is a modified version of a CSS template from Keith Donegan of and as such, we have absolutely no issues with people using the associated CSS layout as long as the content remains our property.

16. Any personal information gained by the use or purchase of the product is purely for dispatching (posting) reasons only. We absolutely will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, use your details for anything other than this. We personally hate companies that sell information on, it's not our bag at all. We also abide by the Data Protection Act.

17. Any errors or omissions in any sales or promotional literature, prices, acceptance of offer, webpage, invoice or other documents or information issued byElectrical Quals shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Electrical Quals.

18. Any identified errors in questions will be corrected at a convenient time to Electrical Quals and Exam Software. Neither Electrical Exams, Electrical Quals, Exam Software or any other company owned or associated with Electrical Quals will accept responsibility for incorrect questions. Purchase of the software is intended as a part of an individuals revision program and it is recommended that you check the validity of the question and the available answer. We are happy to answer queries about questions within the software.

19. Electrical Quals reserve the right to change the product without notice if required or beneficial to do so. We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes.

20. All prices for goods and services displayed on the website are for quotation purposes only, and subject to confirmation at the time of order. The customer acknowledges that all prices published on the website constitute an invitation to trade and may not be construed by the customer as any offer by or binding obligation upon Electrical Quals, to provide goods or services to the customer.

21. Terms and conditions may vary from time-to-time. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy, nor do we commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up-to-date.

22. Products and serial number resets are only supported 12 months after receipt of purchase.  It is your responsibility to maintain the product after this time.

23. You may not rent or lend this software to any third party unless they have previously purchased a license from Retsoftware or Electrical Quals and in particular, the exact software license for sale here. Lending a copy of this software to another person will result in an error when they come to use the software, please do not try to report this as an error you are having, Exam Software are aware when a product is attempted to be activated more than once and on a different machine or IP address.

24. Some companies allow you to make a backup of the software, we however, do not allow this. If you do and pass the backup to someone else, it will return your IP address to the licensing server which we will use to track down via your ISP. Many ISPs are happy enough to support piracy. If you require a replacement CD, please email us with your serial number and we will be happy to replace free of charge.

25. The software platform is licensed multiple choice software from Exam Software please visit them directly if you require a similar service. The software is an expanded version of multiple choice software, please refrain from legal threats in respect to this, if you believe that we somehow have infringed your own copyright in using multiple choice software, please contact us to discuss it first. Multi choice software and the multi choice format as far as we have researched is not legally owned by an individual or company.

26. From time to time Electrical Quals uses external contractors in the production of learning material. If you suspect that any material comes from a questionable source, please inform us and we will most definitely investigate the claim in all thoroughness.



There has been a lot of time and effort gone into producing the bank of resources available. We ask you respect this time and effort. Our main customers are electricians and trainee electricians so we ask you to think about the following: "would you be happy if you done a weeks work for a customer and someone else got paid for it?".

Many thanks to Rich at Exam Software for being extraordinarily fast in dealing with support issues, and Styleshout and all the people that contribute for giving so much to the world community. Thanks to Andreas Viklund for the template and inspiration for the original website (now updated, but I really appreciate someone else putting that much time in for the love of it). Thanks to for the inspiration for the new website and for saving me a huge amount of time in developing it that I can spend more with my family.


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