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The 2392 has been designed as an interim qualification for those who wish to pass the 2391, but are perhaps lacking in the experience needed to negotiate it successfully or have been out of training for a long time and are looking for a refresher to current standards. The 2391 is a difficult exam and the questions presented are written in nature. You need a thorough understanding of Guidance Note 3 to negotiate it, in fact you really need to memorise it to guarantee yourself the certificate. The C&G2392 is different, no written exam but it has a multi choice exam and is pitched at level 2. It focuses on much the same content syllabus wise as the 2391 but is limited to single phase testing. The practical exam is easier than the 2391 but it is still expected of you to perform a full inspection and test and produce all of the relevant paperwork and certification to the same standards.

It may be particularly useful for those studying the Domestic Electrical Installer course to increase your knowledge and experience with the full test procedure. It is also a useful course for those who do limited amounts of inspection and testing and would like to give themselves a good grounding before hitting the more difficult level 3 qualification.


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