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PAT testing is not a new part of the electrical industry, but it is one that has changed a great deal since its inception. Originally, test equipment threw the same tests at every piece of equipment and everything was tested, whether it was used frequently or not. There was much ambiguouity about what should and shouldn't be tested and the type of tests that should have been made.  The IEE now publish a Code of Practise for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment which has removed a lot of the ambiguity from the testing and applied some common sense that was sorely missing in the earlier days. During the course you will learn various bits and pieces including how and what to test, what type of test to perform and the frequency of that test depending on the equipment types. You will also be able to differentiate between the different items of electrical equipment and make informed judgements on what should be inspected and when. Most useful of all, you will learn to navigate the IEE Codes of PRactise themselves, learning where to look and what you should be looking at. An invaluable course if part of your job involves the testing of any electrical equipment.


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