Electrical Exams - About the 2357-305 qualification

The 2357 305 is the first exam to go in depth about the different installation methods, fixings, wiring systems and enclosures and the various different cables within the industry. There are questions appearing on the various different regulations, codes of practise, statutory documents and BS7671. Also covered within the unit are the safety requirements of using such systems and the dangers of not safely isolating a unit. With safe isolation now becoming increasingly important with an increasing amount of equipment available, it is important to recognise the importance placed upon it. There is now a new section introduced to the qualification that deals with the question of working on a property and any structural damage that might occur whilst doing so including the making good afterwards and what to do if you encounter damage before you begin work.

It is a large unit with seven different outcomes that covers a lot of different aspects that were previously spread over many other units. The 305 in general follows similar lines to the former 2330 205 and provides the many different aspects of underpinning knowledge that is required for the performance units.

The content of this exam is huge and wide ranging. We particularly recommend this exam if you are not frequently installing electrical equipment and need to learn the different names and terminology for the various different items you will install. Much of the information contained within the syllabus is aimed towards the practising apprentice or trainee, therefore there are items that will appear that may well catch you out if you are retraining and not currently working on site.


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