Electrical Exams - About the 2357-301 qualification

The 2357-301 covers the Health and Safety aspect of the 2357 qualification. There is an introduction to some new concepts this time round. For instance, there are going to be specific questions on the control of asbestos and where you might find it in the workplace, PASMA requirements and the application of first aid. There are also the traditional questions such as safety signs, fire fighting and regulation requirements. There are some similarities between this and the original 2330-201 exam but there has been the removal of a lot of content such as the industry specialisms and technical information and more focus on some detailed H&S requirements. The GOLA exam that the City and Guild offer is a 15 question exam that supports the assignment work and is a requirement to complete the first unit. Although all of the items in the practise exam may not appear in the GOLA exam, the package enables you to also practise the written elements and the assignment questions and prepare you in advance for the different content.


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