Electrical Exams - About the 2330-301 qualification

Based on 2 sections, Health and Safety and Electrical Principles, the 2330 Level 3 301 exam takes what was covered in the level 2 2330 203 exam and expands further. It is a difficult exam in so much as the syllabus is quite vague and very broad indeed. The topics that are covered are wide ranging and covers everything from the Sex Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Act, environmental considerations all the through a.c. theory, motors, electronics and lighting calculations.

Before you are due to take this exam we recommend particularly revising (and in some depth) the following topics:

We would also recommend that you put some time aside to revise for this exam well before you are due to take it. When the qualification initially launched there was a high failure rate, in part due to a non-descript syllabus and a high pass percentage score but also over confidence on the students behalf after completion of the level 2. The level 3 is a substantial jump in ability and the hardest part to pass amongst the whole of the 2330, is the science and principles section known as the 301.

Similar in setup to the 203 exam, this has an expectation that you have to pass both sections of the unit to achieve the overall qualification. You must pass both the health and safety AND the principles section, you cannot just do well in one section and still pass.


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