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Environmental Statement

As best we can, we aim at Electrical Quals to reduce our consumption and minimise waste in the environment. The following processes are followed to move us towards these goals:


We encourage anyone purchasing the software to purchase the download versions. They are identical to the CD versions in every way and are considerably cheaper. They also cost nothing to package and do not use fuel for transporting.

Similar in many ways to music, the proliferation of broadband internet connections has moved what was initially a niche for the technically minded has now become the preferred method of procurring software.

2. Packaging

Having said what we have about the downloading, we appreciate that the CD represents a more convenient option for some people for several reasons. To balance some of the waste produced, we use recycled photo paper and recyclable DVD style boxes from Amaray (called BioBox) for all of our CDs. We have yet to source particularly environmentally friendly CDs but as soon as we do we will move to use them as an alterative.

3. Battery power

We have replaced all of our computers with laptops which consume considerably less power than the desktop based alternatives.



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