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About us

We have been selling online exams since 2008 and have over 8000 satisfied customers We also supply over 15 colleges and a variety of training establishments with our software. Our long standing partnership with Exam Software also means we get priority technical support directly from the company that produce the software.

Electrical Quals was conceived by two electrical lecturers, fresh into teaching in 2002, with an idea to create a bank of learning resources for those involved in education. It had occurred to them that a lot of the material on offer was out of date and a bit staid, whereas we were used to coming from an industry that was dynamic and changing. As the technology and the ability to deliver more through the internet grew, so did we. Initially creating interactive elements for use within the classroom the skillset grew until full virtual learning environments such as Moodle became populated with all manner of electronic resources, from safe isolation simulators to interactice circuit diagrams.

We also noticed that the transition to the C&G 2330 and online computer based exams (GOLA) meant that quite often, adults were uncomfortable with using the computer for exams. They had all grown up and taken the previous qualifications as paper based tests, sat in a hall in a college with a pen and Regs book. Also, many students entering the country had difficulty completing the exam within the time limit due to having English as a second language. Paper based mock tests were useful, but did not really prepare the students for what was to come in the exam, the feedback was fine within a class but when you got home, it stopped. It was at this point, partners were sought to create exam software capable of delivering an enhanced experience to those who wished to study in their own time.

Electrical Quals partners

Joining forces with a long standing and experienced programming company, Exam Software, Electrical Quals expanded it's range in 2008 with the launch of a series of training CD's aimed at the niche electrical market. Exam Software produced a fantastic demo of the software, explaining what each function did and where it could be expanded. They showed a genuine passion for getting the software and the experience right first time and also proposed the download option, effectively reducing the cost of exams to a very affordable level. They responded to feedback and constantly changed the software for the better.

The software is being constantly updated and improved by Exam Software who value the partnership and want to develop and grow along with us at Electrical Exams. They are currently working hard towards a new version of the software in between offering help, guidance and support for those still anxious of taking the leap to computer based exams.

Bespoke packages

We can tailor bespoke electrical training packages as well as the established and traditional courses and offer a variety of different services to colleges, companies and training providers alike.

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Buy with confidence

We offer Paypal as a means of payment. . This means you can pay with any major credit or debit card safe in the knowledge that your transaction will be fully secure and backed up with the support you expect from such recognisable household names.


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What does "single user" license mean?

According to the terms and conditions of purchase, the purchase is for one license allowing you to install the software on a single more

Can I use the educational license on multiple machines?

The licenses will be fixed to the computer you install them on however you can have multiple users on that computer.

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